Taking food To-Go? ¡Excelente!  Order at the counter, enjoy a drink while you wait, and we'll have everything packed up and ready momentarily.

Calling in an order to be picked up? ¡Órale! We will take call-in orders after taking care of the customers in-house. 

Calling in a LARGE ORDER for pick up? ¡A huevo! Orders with more than 8 items must be:

  • Emailed to gueropdx@gmail.com one day before. Await confirmation! We offer a limited quantity daily and reply to confirm pick-up. 
  • Prepaid, including 18% gratuity. 
  • Picked up between 11:00 and 11:30 AM. We'd be happy to call you morning of with a more precise time. Leave a phone number to call.